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Helping businesses cut their marketing costs and increase their customer base by Marketing on-line.

Fact:   More and more businesses are turning to the Internet for Marketing purposes.  Dollars spent on advertising in newspapers, magazines and television are being replaced by an on-line presence.

Since Gulf Islands Web Services completely redesigned my site, the response has been outstanding.

My site has moved from page 12 - 15 on Google to multiple entries on page 1. Emails and phone calls are being received from potential clients finding my site on the Web and course bookings are the result.

I would highly recommend Gulf Islands Web Services to anyone needing an effective Web site for their business.
Jimmy Watt
West Coast Powerboat Handling 

Consumers are searching on the Internet for local businesses and services.

Today, advertising means being where your customers are and giving them what they want.

As a business owner, by using tracking:

  • You can see where customers are coming from (down to the city) 
  • You can see how long they visit your site 
  • You can see how they found you on-line 

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